Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a method for changing harmful patterns of physical and mental tension that cause a wide range of common problems. By addressing the cause of a problem it is possible to achieve long-term results, as opposed to the temporary relief that may be gained from focusing on symptoms.

People come to lessons for a variety of reasons;

• Backache, neck and shoulder pain
• R.S.I e.g. from computer-based and manual work
• Stress
• Headaches and migraines
• Improve posture
• Enhance Performance e.g. athletes, musicians, actors, dancers, public speaking and presentations
• Sports injuries
• Effective communication
• Breathing and asthma
• Balance and co-ordination

The best way to learn
the Alexander Technique is through one to one lessons with a qualified teacher.

During the first lesson your teacher will discuss your reasons for wanting lessons and explain how the Technique works. This is followed by some practical hands-on work using simple activities such as sitting, standing and walking to help you become more aware of how you are using yourself. You may also be worked with whilst lying down on a padded table for part of the lesson to help release undue tension. Women might prefer to wear trousers, but normal clothing is fine.

There are no specific exercises to learn, rather, it is an exploration and re-education of the way we habitually use ourselves and addresses the way we think as much as the way we move. Each lesson is tailored to the needs of the individual.

Throughout a course of lessons you will gain improved self-awareness, learn to move more freely and improve your co-ordination. Gradually you will be able to apply these changes to everyday situations and more complex activities.