Using thorough, yet gentle massage and pressure applied to different areas of the face called body maps it supports and boosts all our systems, reducing stress and helping a wide range of conditions.

It helps to:
Relieve stress, headaches, skin conditions, digestive problems such as IBS, hormonal imbalances, mood swings, anxiety, muscular tension, breathing difficulties. It also helps enhance vitality and energy levels, attention, memory, self-esteem, confidence, immunity, sleep and circulation.

In addition, the combination of rosehip seed, jojoba and almond oils nourishes and moisturises the skin. Rose essential oil lends its mood-lifting properties. Massage dissipates muscular tension and improves circulation to the face giving it a younger, glowing complexion.

Facial Reflexology aims to preserve, improve and rebalance our health. It addresses the emotional, mental and physical aspects of our being so treatments have shown to benefit diverse problems on all these levels.

In cases of distress and illness it helps to get to the root cause. The therapist can palpate changes; so-called deposits, in the texture of the tissue. This indicates which of the vital organs is the most imbalanced. According to Chinese Medicine each of them is linked to specific energy, running along pathways, or meridians. This energy is responsible for all the various bodily functions, our emotions and our mental state. By locating the major imbalance the therapist can then help to regulate the energy flow and the different functions and aspects of the person’s health. The use of neurological points initiates a reconnection between the central nervous system and the entire body that further enhances and reinforces the treatments.

The founder of Facial Reflexology (Sorensensistem™) is Lone Sorensen, a reflexologist and acupuncturist. In over 25 years of practice and intensive study, observation and experimentation she has successfully combined the therapeutic methods of different traditions – Chinese Five Element Theory, Vietnamese body maps, the traditional approach of the Mapuche of South America, and the neurological pathways of modern medicine into a very successful and relaxing new therapy.


Anna Chrempinska